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At a recent party a friend was praising a couple of books that I wrote – I stepped to the side and asked her if she would be kind enough to post a review. She looked genuinely concerned and said “I wouldn’t know what to write”.

It’s easy, if you can tell me one (or more) things you liked (or even disliked) about the book, you can write a great review. You don’t have to be a professional book reviewer and you can post the review simultaneously on multiple sites.

You would be doing this author and all authors an incredible favor. Potential readers look for books that people want to read and seeing lots of reviews says to them that the book is worthy of their time.

So please, I know several of you out there have read at least one of my books – please help me by posting a review on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, YOUR Facebook page, Smashwords, KOBO, iTunes or send it to me for the Potpourri Parlor.
Thank you!

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a good quality book review is NOT the school-age book report. Your review should be a minimum of five or six sentences up to two or three (small) paragraphs. Don’t prove you read the book by including spoilers (that totally unexpected twist that really made the story). Write what YOU liked (or disliked) about the book; a book should be a personal experience for every reader so keep it personal. Be honest but never brutal; if the book was filled with typos for instance but was still a great story say something like “a few distracting typos took away from an otherwise terrific story”. (Always try to find something positive to say). If you didn’t like the book because it was not your favorite genre then own up to it; despite mostly four and five star reviews, my favorite review I received on one of my books was only two stars — the writer stated she didn’t care for it because my style was too much like Danielle Steel and she doesn’t care for Steel (who happens to be one of my faves). Again, review the book from YOUR perspective, YOUR likes and dislikes, and the impact the book had on YOU. Remember to be gentle but always honest.”

What is a street team? Simple. It’s a group of your fans and readers, who hit the streets, both online and Main Street USA in brick and mortar stores, to help spread the word about you and your books.” Humphreys, Sara (2013-03-04). Street Team Smarts: An Author’s Guide to Building and Running a Successful Street Team


Suggested Team Activities

  •  Talk about my books with friends in person. – Blurbs for each book can be found at Smashwords
  • If you read (or have read) any of my books, reviews (honest & hopefully good) would greatly be appreciated (Amazon, GoodReads, blogs, etc). If you publish a review, please send me the URL so I can publicize it.
  • Distribute bookmarks and other promo material (supplied) to potential readers; distribute sales sheets to libraries/bookstores with ebook capability.
  • Go to  your local library and/or bookstores and offer to moderate a book discussion on any of my novels. (Discussion packets are available) – Let me know if you arrange a book discussion so that I can send you supporting material.
  • Online support – join/like my Author Chelle Cordero FaceBook page, like, share and comment on Author Chelle Cordero book-related posts.
  • Follow me on Twitter and retweet book related tweets; ditto for Google+
  • Visit blogs where I have a guest post and leave comments. Promote these posts via Twitter, Google+ and FaceBook.
  • Post a trailer about my books on FaceBook and personal blogs. Include buy links.
  • Use book title hashtags on Twitter, on FaceBook, and Google+
  • Speak to local bookstores and libraries about stocking books (titles available wholesale to booksellers through Amazon)
  • Share ideas how to promote with the rest of the street team.

My street team members have received free short stories and books. SWAG is offered.

Message me on FaceBook or leave a comment HERE to let me know that you are IN.

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(you must be 21+ to attend)

…and I’d love to hear what you think

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2nd annual









Sunday, October 21, 1-3 p.m.


Angelo Parra…Catherine Whitney…

Chelle Cordero…Charmaine Gordon…

Cristina Biaggi…Firth Fabend…

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François Vuilleumier…Dr. Michael Nevins…

Lennon Nersesian


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I’ll be at the first ever kick-off of the Stony Point Community Farmer’s Market with more than 20 vendors and lots of merchandise including MY BOOKS. This Saturday, 10-2 at Town Hall on Main Street *just east of Rte 9W


Saturday, October 6th @ Town Hall
74 East Main Street    Stony Point, NY 10980

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Vendors include farm stands, homemade soaps and lotions,
books, crafts & more!!

Music and fun activities for children

(Sponsored by the North Rockland Business Alliance)

To vote, text a KEYWORD to 22333

KEYWORD   Option
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391677         library
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391773         borrow from a friend
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or submit a response (keyword) to

Then view the responses at

Lindsay’s Romantics 

The Year in Review – 2010 Books

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Organization, or rather the extreme lack of it, is the bane of my existence. As a self-employed – and too broke to hire assistants – writer, I have to keep track of my different projects, deadlines, invoices, bills and other “I gotta do it(s)”. Organization has NEVER been my forte… (Read More)


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