Have you visited my Potpourri Parlor? I enjoy interviewing other authors and business people; stop by today to read my interview of Author Marie Hampton.

I thought I might turn the tables, so to speak, and let my readers know a little more about me as well.

Using a random number generator and a list of interview questions from my editor, I plan to spend the next few weeks “interviewing” myself…

So… This is Chelle Cordero

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

I was surprised to learn two things – the first is that I am very comfortable writing from the hero’s perspective and the 2nd, was in my earlier novels, I sent all of my heroes to the hospital, lol.

For new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?

Readers can expect to read about real people, sometimes fallible, sometimes emotional but always human. I like it when my characters become so real that basically they write their own story.

What are your favorite TV shows?

I find I watch far too much TV these days. I dislike most of the reality shows but I do like watching shows like Castle, Perception, Blue Bloods and Grimm.

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