Today was World Cat Day & I am required to pay homage to my adorable and mischievous crew of felines.

Mario   ~   Luigi  ~  Tigger

What can I say? I fed them, petted them, and didn’t send them out to work in the cold, hard world… actually they are indoor cats and seem content with that.

So what I will do is pay tribute to them by building on their 15 + 15 + 15 minutes of fame.

This story appeared in
The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero, Short Story Collection

Pussycat Tales (an amusing look at a lifetime with cats)

          We have always had cats. Just a few months after our marriage nearly 40 years ago, Mark’s friend found a stray kitten on the road. The kitten’s mom had been struck by a car; the kitten was about 3-weeks old, too young to be without its mama. The friend wanted to keep the tiny orange tabby kitten but his wife was deathly allergic so instead he looked for a good home. That’s when he spoke to Mark and that is when Pumpkin joined our family. (read more in the book)

(Laugh with me as I relate stories of
pussycats past and present)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My  most recent release (available for pre-sale orders until 9/15) is Karma Visited and is my first work that prominently features a cat.

Tigger, aided by his brothers Mario and Luigi, recently interviewed the hero’s cat, Mauszer. You can read the interview here in Ssh, Kitty Power Rules!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally Tigger was interviewed by Mayra Calvani in Jan. 2010 in An Interview With Tigger, proud owner of Chelle Cordero

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is another pussycat who is important to me, his name is Butters and he is my “grand-kitty”.  Butters lives with my daughter and her dog and starred in a YouTube video

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy World Cat Day & lots of petting to all.
Hope you’ve had a purr-fect day.


(RIP Mario, 7/21/2018)