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It wasn’t my intention to present a classic case of Domestic Abuse when I wrote Karma Visited, but Annie Furman is in a BAD marriage where her husband keeps her from friends and family, monitors her moves, doles out only enough money to purchase groceries, berates her verbally, and forces servitude on her.

Annie Furman is a classic case of an abused wife

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from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center:

Domestic abuse, or “battering”, is a pattern of abuse by one partner against the other, for the purpose of maintaining power and control…
Psychological battering: The abuser’s psychological or mental abuse can include constant verbal abuse, harassment, excessive possessiveness, fault-finding, isolating the woman from friends and family, deprivation of physical and economic resources, and destruction of personal property.

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Courage of the Heart

Courage of the Heart by Chelle Cordero


Common Bond, Tangled Hearts

Common Bond, Tangled Hearts by Chelle Cordero



Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero


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Bartlett's Rule

Bartlett’s Rule by Chelle Cordero


Hyp new cvr

Hyphema by Chelle Cordero

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Common Bond, Tangled Hearts
by Chelle Cordero

Layne Gillette’s world is turned upside down when a man she has never met shows up to lay claim as the father of her 6-year old son.
When Layne’s abusive “ex-husband” shows up, they are torn apart by danger, kidnapping and lies.

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