Three ways to holiday bliss start right here …

Chelle Cordero, author of Karma Visited

Three of my favorite holiday traditions:

• The Menorah. Our family celebrates Chanukah in our home, menorah, latkes, presents and all. When our daughter and son were young, we would all gather each of the eight nights to light the candles and chant our prayers; today they are grown and on their own, but we still try to get together at least one night to enjoy the flickering lights together.

• Potato Latkes. I am convinced that my husband makes the absolute best potato latkes ever. He starts with fresh potatoes, grates them, mixes them with egg, salt, pepper and a touch of matza meal and then fries them to golden brown perfection. We serve them with apple sauce or sour cream and Yum!

• Gifts. Even though my children and their partners are adults, I still get a thrill out of giving them each eight presents, one for each night. The presents are mostly minor and inexpensive things, but our favorite tradition is sock night. Each of the four “children” gets a large package of fresh, clean socks. Sock night is probably the most anticipated gift each year.

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