Have you visited my Potpourri Parlor? I enjoy interviewing other authors and business people.

I thought I might turn the tables, so to speak, and let my readers know a little more about me as well.

Using a random number generator and a list of interview questions from my editor, I’ve been  “interviewing” myself for a few weeks…

Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?

I have been extremely fortunate through the years of being surrounded by supportive people. Starting in high school when I had a teacher named Daisy Aldan who encouraged creativity and through today with my family and my publisher. I’ve also known a terrific group of authors who have shared this writing life with me and bolstered me when I am down.

How did you start your writing career?

My very first published piece outside of school yearbooks and stuff was a news article about a young (16 yrs old) man who died while trying to help a mugging victim in the NYC subway system. Det. Hank Spallone (52nd pct) asked me to write up the article to accompany a posthumous ceremony in this teen’s honor; the article was printed in a Bronx weekly paper. I received no monetary payment but seeing my byline in print was a heady feeling. After that I dabbled but did not submit anything until many years later when I was expecting my first child. I connected with a few giveaway pubs and built a resume, eventually I found paying gigs and even better I found publishers for my novels.

What historical time period is your favorite? Why?

I like contemporary stories simply because I can relate to those best.

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