KARMA VISITED by Chelle Cordero

(from pg 13, Smashwords online edition)

In this business I need to be married and this community frowns on divorce. So I’m stuck.”

Please tell me you don’t love her.”

Don’t worry Mother, I never did. So long as she keeps up appearances though, I’ll keep her around.”

Annie could never forget the sickening feeling she had hearing him say that he didn’t love her, that he never loved her. With the losses she suffered at such an early age, and moving away from the only family she did know, thinking she was loved by Scott meant everything to her. Losing that feeling of security was almost more than she could bear. Annie felt alone again. She continued eavesdropping even though she knew it would only bring her more pain.

And what happens if little miss psycho gets out of line?”

Then I have her committed and snatch up the sympathy vote.” He laughed as he spoke.

You could always do that anyway.”

Hmm,’ he thought about it. “You’re right. It definitely could give me a boost. Besides, family values, I can be a devoted husband standing by his sick wife. Yeah, it could work. And it would actually leave me free to have a real life without making any commitments.”

Annie knew then what she had to do. She had to save enough money to be able to afford to leave. Scott told her he would never let her go, at least not until he was ready to get rid of her There was no one in town who would help her and no where she could go, he had already convinced several of the folks in town that she was suffering from mental illness. Ironically these were the same people Annie might have tried to go to for help in escaping his stranglehold. He elicited their cooperation in keeping an eye on her for him, for her own safety of course. Even the local minister called Scott the day she went to the church looking for help. She needed money to get away and a plan that would work quickly and quietly, and she had to do it by and for herself.

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