February is American Heart Month

May you never need to call the ambulance
(except maybe for childbirth…),
but if you do, we are there for you.

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This booklet is intended as a guide to help you get through a medical or trauma crisis it is not intended to replace professional medical or emergency response or advice.

I have been an Emergency Medical Technician, CPR and First Aid Instructor, and volunteer with a local ambulance corps for nearly three decades. I’ve responded to numerous emergencies, performed CPR, delivered babies, transported trauma victims and sometimes just offered comfort to a patient enroute to the hospital.

People deal with emergencies differently, but no matter how serious or minor the event may seem to someone else, each person who experiences pain, fear or loss for themselves or a loved one is dealing with a true crisis. It is my hope that this booklet will give a little comfort when it comes to dealing with an emergency.

Best wishes for your continued GOOD health!