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Features book promotions, women who are “in charge”, 
entertainment reviews and guest bloggers about anything writing-related.

Mondays: Book Promos  – Send me a short blurb about your book, attach a jpeg of your cover, send me a buy-link, if it hasn’t been released yet send me the expected release date, and a few sentences about the author. Include a short excerpt if you would like.

Wednesdays: Woman-in-Charge – ANY woman whether you are an executive at a huge company, a self-employed freelancer, a business owner, an author, or a full-time mom and “domestic engineer”, YOU are the type of woman to be featured here. We want to know how women are in charge of their lives. See the download link at the end for suggested questions.

Fridays: Entertainment Reviews – Send me a review about your own book AND details about your book, or send a review that YOU wrote about a book, movie or TV show, include details about the book, etc.

Saturday/Sunday: Weekend Guest Blog – Send me an essay (approximately 300-350 words) about ANYthing writing related. This can be informational, humorous, personal experience, etc. Use your imagination. I will consider NON-writing related posts at my discretion.
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Send all contributions to:  Please put XANGA in the subject line & the feature you would like to be featured in. I will send you a link to publicize when you are featured – depending on the feature it takes an average of 1 week to 2 months. (I will feature all books BUT my blog is PG-13 at worst so some words may be substituted or some book covers may not be shown at MY discretion) Be sure to include YOUR important links to you.

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