Stories, poetry, and great recipes for Valentine s Day in the Love and Chocolate Anthology from the authors of Vanilla Heart Publishing. Anne K. Albert, Barbra Annino, Charmaine Gordon, Chelle Cordero, Janet Lane Walters, Malcolm R. Campbell, Marilyn Celeste Morris, Melinda Clayton, Misha Crews, Robert Hays, S.R. Claridge, Vila SpiderHawk.

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1- In Bartlett’s Rule, Paige Andrews works at a company called By-Lines. Is By-Lines a:

a: Publishing company
b: Car rental service
c: A gourmet food store

2- In A Chaunce of Riches, Ben is a:

a: Prize fighter
b: Bodyguard
c: TV commentator

3- In Final Sin, Julie is a paramedic and Jake is a sheriff. What state do they work in::

a: Florida
b: South Dakota
c: New York

***Send your BEST guess to me at – by the way, ALL entries to this contest will WIN! Be sure to include YOUR EMAIL and put CONTEST in the subject line.

It’s as simple as A – B – C  !

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