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“Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


“If people around you don’t believe in you, if they don’t encourage you, then you need to find some people who do.” ~ John Maxwell


“Many people measure their success by wealth, recognition, power and status. There’s nothing wrong with those, but if that’s all you’re focused on, you’re missing the boat…if you focus on significance –using your time and talent to serve others –that’s when truly meaningful success can come your way.” ~ Ken Blanchard


“Give freely to the world these gifts of love and compassion. Do not concern yourself with how much you receive in return, just know in your heart it will be returned.” ~ Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


“The human family is very diverse, with many different beliefs and cultures and ways of life. Many conflicts in our world are caused when people are intolerant of the ways that others see the world. Learning tolerance is an important cornerstone to creating a better world.” ~ Robert Alan Silverstein

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