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“I better get back to my room. Have you gotten any rest at all? We have to go to the courtroom tomorrow.”

“I know. Thank you for paying my bail, I know your secretary wasn’t happy” She glanced over at the dinner tray. “Oh and thank you for my meal too, I’m sure that was your idea.”

“You need to take care of yourself. Caitlyn, I can afford to lose the bail money, maybe you should take off…”

She stood. “No! I haven’t done anything wrong.”

He knew in his gut she was telling the truth, but the evidence said otherwise. “The police have enough proof against you. I just don’t want you going to jail.”

She wrapped her arms around herself and her voice shook. “I’m innocent.”

Brandon had to take her in his arms at that point. He hated to see her looking so vulnerable. “I believe you, I really do.” He held her close against him and thought how well she fit.

“But why would anyone say that I stole? They don’t even believe I’m who I say I am.”

“I don’t know sweetheart.”

She looked up at him when he used the endearment and he could no longer resist the urge to kiss her.

Caitlyn’s lips parted under his and he felt the tips of their tongues touch and tease. He held her tighter and he was afraid he’d crush her if he weren’t careful. She pressed herself up against him.

When it became obvious, physically obvious, that Brandon really wanted more, he broke the kiss. He was determined to keep himself controlled but he admitted that it wasn’t easy so long as she was in his arms.

He fought with himself to let her go. It took a moment for him to catch his breath. “I’m sorry Caitlyn.”

She gently brushed her fingertips over his lips. “Don’t be.”

He grabbed her hand. Her touch had nearly sent him careening out of control. He kissed her fingers carefully. “I have to go back to my room now.”

Brandon walked towards her door. He avoided facing her. “I need you to think about running away. I’ll give you whatever money you need…”

“I’m not leaving.”


“No Brandon. I’m innocent. If I run I will look guilty.”

He finally turned to look at her.

“I’m just going to take a quick shower and then get into bed. Tomorrow will be better. They are going to find out that all those papers are wrong.”

“I hope so.” He meant it. “Good night.” He started to lean in for a kiss and then stopped himself. She saw him stop and smiled slightly.

“I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” He nodded at her and then he left.

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He felt his muscles clench as he stared into the woman’s face that lay beneath him. If he hadn’t already felt her trembling, he would have known she reached her own climax just by the expression of her face. With one more powerful thrust he felt everything he had spilling into her, he felt a completeness he would have never thought possible. Everything stopped and then he swore he felt their hearts start beating again as one. Pausing a moment to look into her eyes, and they were beautiful eyes he thought, he brushed a long strand of chestnut hair away from her face and kissed her. Then he rolled off of her.

I love you.” Her voice was soft, like the touch of her lips. He couldn’t believe the tingling he felt in his loins at hearing her words.

You’re not even human…”

What?” She almost laughed at his choice of words.

He hadn’t even meant to say that thought out loud. “I mean… I just never felt so… consumed before. I feel like I am under some kind of spell.” As he sat up to face her, he was surprised by the life he felt in his groin. Feeling a touch embarrassed, which was a new feeling for him, he admitted, “I almost feel like I can go another round, and considering how powerful that was…”

She faced him and gave him a sultry smile; her bare breasts were firm and small. But not too small, he thought, just enough to fill his hands. He felt his groin tighten again and just stared.

Hey, are you okay?” She suddenly sounded self-conscious.

Uh, yeah.” He forced himself to look at her face.

She touched his arm, her fingers felt light like feathers. “Can I do anything for you?”

Yes.” He glanced at her breasts again and then back at her face. “Tell me… who are you?”

She laughed, it was a full-bodied sound. “Just one day married and…” She saw the surprise in his eyes as he looked at his left hand and saw the ring. Pulling the bed sheet up to cover her nakedness, she looked at him puzzled. “You’re serious?”

He frowned. “‘Fraid so.”

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