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Swatton Live

Stop Abuse of Women – Interview with Chelle Cordero – Author of Bartlett’s Rule – 10/28/2009

Preventing Abuse – Interview with Chelle Cordero – Author of Bartlett’s Rule

Jeanine Swatton is the CEO/PR Director of Swatton Live, LLC. She is the
co-founder of “Preventing Abuse Against Women”. Her vision is to help women who are victims of abuse and provide them with the services and tools to become empowered.

I’ll be joining Jeanine Swatton on SWATTON LIVE to discuss my novel, Bartlett’s Rule. This is a story of a woman recovering from the devastating effects of rape while she learns to trust and fall in love again. The story explores the secondary victim challenges facing the man she meets (after the rape) and the effects on people around them.

Please join us at 9PM EST, Oct 28 at

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listen to the archived interview…

Chelle Cordero on Coffee with an Author
I just finished
Date / Time: 5/11/2009 11:00 AM

Join host, Naomi Giroux as we visit with Chelle Cordero to discuss her writing style, where ideas come from and learn her secrets of being successfully published. Visit for more author information.

Living, Breathing, Writing

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