Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 03
Touring with A Chaunce of Riches http://www.virtualbooktourdenet.blogspot.com/
More info: Read about A Chaunce of Riches, why I wrote the book, and what I am up to next.

Thursday, December 03
Chelle blogs at Malcolm’s Round Table http://knightofswords.wordpress.com/
More info: A humorous blog about life as a writer

Wednesday, December 9
Chelle guest blogs http://katiehines.blogspot.com/
More info: Talking about Chaunce of Riches

Thursday, December 10
An explanation of Chanukah http://lindsaysromantics.blogspot.com/
More info: Chelle explains Chanukah and throws in a few fun “Yiddish” phrases

Monday, December 21
Courage of the Heart & Christmas http://lindsaysromantics.blogspot.com/
More info: Read a free excerpt how the Prescott family celebrates Christmas in Courage of the Heart.

Wednesday, December 23
Chelle guest blogs http://romancelivesforever.blogspot.com/
More info: romance & more

Tuesday, January 12 (2010)
Chelle guest blogs about romance http://romancelivesforever.blogspot.com/
More info: Chelle blogs about romance and her new novel Chaunce of Riches

Saturday, February 13 (2010), Time TBD
About Common Bond, Tangled Hearts http://www.lisabetsarai.com/links.html
More info: all about Chelle’s newest novel


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