Common Bond, Tangled Hearts

from GoodReads:  Jun 06, 2010  Rhiannon Grey rated it 4 of 5 stars

Common Bond, Tangled Hearts, by Chelle Cordero, is an emotional rollercoaster of a romance suspense. Layne, the single mother we meet the beginning of the story, has had all manner of wrong done to her, and yet she still fits the heroine role perfectly, loving her child without question.
Justin, the alpha male of the piece, has discovered that, through a cruel prank, Layne’s gorgeous little boy is his. What should he do? His tough decision isn’t helped by the fact that he is attracted to lovely Layne right from the get go.Layne and Justin clearly love the child, and this comes across well in Cordero’s tender yet suspenseful prose. And when Layne’s hurtful and scary ex – who I hated as soon as Layne started to talk about him!! – shows up, I flew through the pages to see what happened to this realistically written couple.

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from Goodreads: Linda rated it 5 of 5 stars

Matt Garratti had always loved flying since he was a little boy growing up in New York. His dad had left them, therefore it was no surprise when he joined Mercy EMS as a flying medic. Matt was giving a speech at the university when he met Sudah and fell in love. She was taking courses there, but her Visa expired and Matt rushed to marry her so that she would not have to go back to Pakistan. Then he lost his job and got accepted in North Carolina so he moved his wife and son there, but Sudah was not treated very well as the Massacre of 9/11 was never far from the small townspeople’s mind and Sudah was thought to have ties with the enemy and no matter how many times she said that she was from Pakistan all they saw was that she was a Muslim. Since she was attending school to prepare for her citizenship, she begged Matt to let her cousin come to America so that she would not be killed, But once Raja was there Matt knew it was a mistake when she gave up her Muslim ways and tried to seduce Matt in his own bed. Then odd things started happening as they were stalked by a mad person and the police did not believe him!